Safe Sister at Ignacio

Safe Sister Ignacio March 16th, 30th and April 6th 2020


Safe Sister is offering a limited time 2-for-1 sale for the Ignacio course in March/April!

!!Dates changed to accommodate Ignacio Schools spring break!!

Buy one ticket on line now. Then sign your ‘twofer’ (mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, co-worker, whoever!) up for the same class, selecting the “Cash/check received” option when checking out. Please do this! Pre-registration is required so we can keep track of the number of registered participants, as the course is limited to 12 students. Thank you!

Class will be held in the cafeteria area of the ELHI Center, but come through the main door.

Questions? You can reach Kathy via email, phone or text. Let’s do this!


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About this Event

This course isn’t to scare you and have you stay locked inside. The course is to make going out into the world EASIER by giving you the confidence to know YOU have what it takes to SURVIVE and THRIVE no matter what the world throws at you.